Furnace Cleaning Edmonton

Why is it important?

A dirty furnace can lose up to 60% of its efficiency and have a detrimental effect on your home environment. With our Furnace cleaning, we inspect and clean all the parts of your furnace to ensure it’s working at peak performance for many years to come.

In addition to improving the efficiency of your furnace, you will also notice that your energy bills have gone down. That’s because a dirty furnace will cause more hot air to escape from your vents, causing the system to work harder than necessary. The extra work will cause your ducts and vents to wear out faster than they would if they weren’t so dirty.

A clean furnace can help your home remain comfortable throughout the cold Edmonton winter season. A dirty system creates a buildup of dust and debris which can lead to poor air quality in your home or office space. If you’re experiencing bad smells coming from your vents or if there are visible signs of mold growth inside them, then it’s time for a professional inspection!

The cost of this service varies based on how long the ducts need to be cleaned (or if they need to be replaced entirely), but we offer competitive rates so that everyone can afford great heating without breaking the bank!

Edmonton Furnace and Duct Cleaning

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Other Services

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Dryer Vent cleaning:

Dryer vent cleaning is a must-have for any household that uses a dryer. Regular dryer vent maintenance and cleaning can reduce the risk of a serious fire and extend the life of your dryer, saving you time and money!

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Fall furnace checkup before winter:

When fall arrives, it’s time for a furnace checkup. The best way to prevent a breakdown is to have your equipment serviced every fall by a qualified technician who can inspect and clean/replace any filters, belts and/or new motors that may be needed.

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New floor register replacement program:

Do you have broken or faded covers in the floor, or scratched and dented grills on the wall? Ask us about our register replacement program!